The History Anorak

The History Anorak

Monday, 25 May 2015

Introducing The History Anorak

The History Anorak has had an online presence for more than a decade. Ignore what it says on the front of the website - it badly needs updating. That's one of the reasons for starting this blog. If a few posts of historic interest build up it will provide a basis for revamping the original. It sort of lost its way a few years ago. It needs a new skin and some content updates at the very least. Please be patient with it in its current form.

So meanwhile this will be a place to discuss history, archaeology, a bit of art (because art is sometimes history and modern art will be history in the future), anthropology, heritage, museums, and all things connected. While this blog is underway the old site should undergo its revival.

The History Anorak used to be a popular site with schools. It contains a lot of Victoriana and was apparently a rich source of lesson-support material for Key Stage 3 teachers. Not so recently. It gets few visitors these days. With any luck this blog will help to put that right.

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