The History Anorak

The History Anorak

Saturday, 11 July 2015

How old is history?

What the heck - it's the weekend.
For my purposes today, 1991 counts.

It's taken from an album called The NY Rock and Soul Revue that is scarily almost 25 years old. That's part of MY history.
Check it out here. (That should open in a new window.)


  1. Just had a look and I recognize some though not all of the tracks. I've always loved the song 'Groovin' it's an all time favourite of mine. It was interesting that you are familiar with where I live, as you say not too many people would be able to pin down where it is. Thanks for the option of deleting the comment though as I don't really want too many people looking me up on the map:)

  2. Not an act I know. But I think your 'what the heck' is well put. Music is certainly part of our history. And I'd say history is simply the story of our past - long and recent; though I admit some may call very recent history 'current affairs'. I'm sure Carr must have said something about this in his book, "What is history?" - I should dust it down and check it out. Meanwhile, keep feeling the vibe...hope you're having a great weekend!

  3. Oh, I know some of the music...
    have a great Sunday.
    Greetings from Portugal



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