The History Anorak

The History Anorak

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Different Times

Back in the day you could advertise more or less everything, then medics finally overcame pressure from the tobacco industry and cigarette ads were banned. This hit motor racing pretty badly, and there were a few attempts to overcome the restrictions.

I admit I wouldn't have noticed this during a recent trip to the Donington Collection, an impressive museum dedicated to the history of motor racing and the Castle Donington circuit in particular. Mr Anorak is a huge Formula 1 fan and has followed the sport for years, so he knew straight away what this statement really says.

 I wonder how many of you will recognise that this is actually advertising.  I guess unless you were a smoker you're at a disadvantage, but I used to work my way through the best part of a pack of Benson and Hedges every day before I came to my senses.  And if you fill in the gaps, that's precisely what this encouraging statement says.

Before the ban, tobacco was linked blatantly to the glamorous sport and its fast cars. He's a prime example from the year before the Be On Edge example above.


  1. I wouldn't have spotted it as advertising, but then I've never been a smoker.

  2. Different times indeed! I remember the cigarette adverts at the cinema and on television 'You're never alond with a Strand' always sticks in my mind. I've never smoked except once a friend and I pinched one of her elder brother's 'fags' as we called them and took it into the woods to try it, we both hated it:)


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