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The History Anorak

Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Bolsover Castle

On a recent misty day we took a trip up the M1 to north Derbyshire and Bolsover Castle. Unlike many similar structures, it is genuinely right in the heart of the town.

In 1617 William Cavendish, who was to become the First Duke of Newcastle, inherited Bolsover Castle from his father Charles.

Charles died in the middle of creating the Little Castle, a mock Norman keep intended to act as a retreat from the family seat at Welbeck a few miles away.  William continued work on the site, completing a range of luxurious interiors depicting life from earthly pursuits to heavenly wonders.

William employed architect Robert Smythson, who was also responsible for the design of William's later home, Hardwick Hall, and Longleat House, now home of the Marquis of Bath.

Bolsover's Little Castle was the perfect place to hold lavish parties and to impress visitors with its exquisite detail. Elaborately carved fireplaces, Italian-inspired stonework and richly decorated panelling combined to show off the host's taste and fortune.

Guests entered through a Gothic doorway and into an ante room which was decorated with brightly painted panels.

Banquets and dinner parties were held in the Pillar Parlour, which gets its name from a central pillar formed by its arched ceiling. The panelling is decorated with faux graining and gilding, and at the focus of each arch the panels contain a painted illustration of one of the five senses.

The grand hall is decorated with paintings that depict the labours of Hercules.

They are designed to create an illusion of additional space because they incorporate pictures of the ceiling vaulting.

Perhaps the most impressive room on the upper floors is the Star Chamber, the main room used by the castle owners. Only family and very close friends would have been invited to see it. Again the panelling is richly decorated and English Heritage, which now manages Bolsover, has restored almost all of the paintings. Two have been left to show the actual state of the originals. The restored ceiling is wondrous.


  1. Excellent shots and write-up. We visited recently too - haven't got round to sorting out an article yet. Bolsover's a great place. Wonderful vistas through the ruins, amazing equestrian block. The decoration, which you show here, surprised me - really interesting place.

  2. Never even heard of this place before, thanks for the trip.

  3. We visited Bolsover many years ago on a very cold rainy April day. I still remember the beauty of the star chamber. Thanks for the reminder. B x

  4. The Little Castle interior is wonderful isn't it? I lived nearby as a child and teenager and we used to go into the grounds and ruins often, it wasn't English Heritage then, but the keep was always closed. It was wonderful to finally see inside it many years later:)

  5. Interesting post, I like to visit castles ! We have quite a lot in Belgium too !

  6. Beautiful photos
    The Pillar hall decorations are stunning.

  7. Would I ever love going through this...but, I can thank YOU for taking us on a wonderful tour. Great photos.

  8. Outstanding post!
    Liked this fantastic castle.
    Wonderfully captured.
    You are doing amazing job here

  9. How marvelous, a wonderful way to spend an afternoon. I love the pillar parlour.



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